W3Z Newsletter – January 2017


Why are we still here? BT Infinity, Virgin, 4G, 5G, Satellite Internet, Mystical Dark Fibre and a whole load on non-starters destined for either ‘the bran tub’ or GCHQ – the entire technological world must be against us? WRONG -There is nothing wrong with healthy commercial competition – it brings out the best in those who are up for it.

Here at W3Z we have 38 years of business experience in Radio Technology behind us. Since 1979 our Zycomm Radio Communications Group has not been afraid to take on the leading radio companies of the day, Pye, Storno, Philips and Motorola and now in 2017 only Zycomm and Motorola of that group remain. 38 years concentrating on making our customers smile. Fifteen years ago, we diversified with W3Z into Wireless Broadband with the same stubborn principles, common business sense, customer satisfaction and now the resulting success. Every customer says “Thank you” and MEAN it.

The reason – our customers love us. How many of our competitors can say that?
The most rewarding reaction we see is when our satisfied customers leave Derbyshire to move around to work in areas we do not cover. When the Derbyshire Building Society in Duffield was taken over and closed-down, most HQ Executives and their families had to move to London to stay in the Financial Services world, DBS staff were begging me to open in London in order they would not miss out on our unique quality of service. This was a very rewarding situation but not one I could agree to as I could not face going to work on the London Underground – that’s too much like Dark Fibre! I am only at home given the daily vista and boost of Derbyshire, Chatsworth, The Peak District and Whim Brewery.

Here at W3Z we do not use the phrase used by the major supplier “Up to X Mb/s” This ‘Up to’ is nonsensical as it guarantees nothing and implies at the outset you WILL NOT receive what is offered. At last the Government has realised this and are asking every supplier to state what subscribers will receive. Already suppliers are asking for concessions that the stated figure is what is received by the subscriber for at least 10% of the time. This argument shows what a state our competitors are in? How is that W3Z are the only supplier who guarantees its figures during all standard operating times? We hope Government do not give way on this point.

What made us smile most in 2016? BT giving away BT Sports FREE as an incentive for customers to sign up for BT fibre. We knew this marketing inspiration would bring problems. Many BT fibre customers are now switching to W3Z as they see their normally illuminated blue BT Router change to Orange as their BT FTTC service overloads by the local cabinet being swamped with the promised free BT Sports to everyone, especially on Saturday and Sunday. It is the old ADSL phrase ‘contention’ all being re-enacted again but ironically at the providers’ own miss-marketing and total underestimate of engineering demand much of which cannot now be compensated for with the resource invested.


Given the increase in business, as a result of new business, in newly enabled areas and in areas where competitors have failed to match customer expectations, we have now increased our W3Z Engineering Staff by 40%. At my invitation one of our previous Zycomm Engineering staff, Steve Ball has re-joined us after 7 years to take over the important role of W3Z General Manager. Steve lives in Stoke but there is plenty for him to think about while he is driving! He has overall responsibility for all operational aspects of the W3Z business. Jo Ratcliffe is now the lady on the phone following Bev Madeley’s retirement. Bev trained Jo so well you may think you are still speaking to Bev!

We are looking for the current installation team to work 0730- 1600 (one hour sooner than currently) until the end of March as this will give us more daylight hours for installations. There is no need to worry – you will not have to provide Breakfast; we do have a local McDonald’s Drive Through. We may suffer a problem from ice on roofs but that remains to be seen. In addition, we are looking to introduce Saturday installations by one team thus to reduce the new installation backlog.

Richard Drabble our Microwave specialist has just completed a multi thousand-pound upgrade of our entire SAF Microwave Backhaul Network. This has cost over a hundred thousand ponds and is required as individual’s user’s data usage increases – thanks partly to Jeremy Clarkson and his pseudo Netflix promotion – give him back Top Gear and make everyone happy! So, when you want W3Z at a lower price, I am sorry blame Clarkson for the refusal! We only use expensive Ofcom Licenced links for Backhaul we do not use low cost deregulated 5GHz link equipment as do many others.


With the best of intentions, the dates on our coverage list have in many cases slipped. Please recheck these on the website as they have now been updated to new targets.

We have recently provided a minor miracle by providing coverage to Cressbrook at the top of the Monsal Valley. I am particularly proud of this achievement in Cressbrook.


The week before Christmas we installed a small but adequate mast on top of the Weaver Hills thanks to the owner the Hon John Greenall. Not only will this allow us to supply Wootton, Ellastone, Alton, Rocester. It will act as a significant stepping on point to many other areas south and west that have until now proved difficult to complete.


Chesterfield area is now proving ripe for W3Z development. Chesterfield is proving a mixture of excellent and dreadful service from other providers. Thanks to our friends at Chatsworth Estate we have just linked into one of their farm properties at Nether Handley and from that point we will feed out links to satisfy Chesterfield and the NE area.


As we have a radio mast at Farleys Farm Tuxford we have decided to increase our foray into Nottinghamshire to complement our service from our Mapperley Plains mast in north central Nottingham.


Our first new development in January will to be fulfil a substantial order from London & Continental Railways to completely equip the RTC (Railway Technical Centre), London Road, Derby with W3Z service high speed Internet service to service all office and business units.


If there are any local organisations involved in delivering Wireless Internet who are finding the going difficult please note that we are happy discussing purchasing your customer base. We are aware of difficulties being experienced by other provider’s subscribers in Derby, Pride Park Area, Weston on Trent, Tatenhill, Rangemoor and Burton on Trent areas.

M I Sneap January 2017