“Very Excellent Broadband”

A kids perspective on Broadband…

Kids may say the funniest things but they do know exactly what they need from a home Broadband connection!

If your internet speeds are poor or constantly slowing, or maybe even the major providers can’t give you anything useful in your area, making it an endless source of irritation for you and your family, then give W3Z a call on the number below.

W3Z specialise in providing their customers with super-reliable fixed wireless Broadband Internet delivered to your home ‘over the air’, not needing any existing connection from BT or any other provider – No telephone connection required!

If you need, as Bobby describes in the Video: ‘Very Excellent Broadband’ reliably delivered, installed and supported by a local Derbyshire company, do get in touch as we can really help you out.

Check out the list of areas where we are active, our coverage is growing all the time as our geographical reach increases. Even if your location is not listed here drop us an email to see if we are nearby and can accommodate you.

We also serve commercial properties, camp sites and businesses of all types – even in the middle of nowhere!

Keep your internet life simple and your kids/family happy – W3Z Wireless Broadband

Tel: 01773 570123
email: sales@w3z.co.uk