WiFi Distribution

At W3Z we don’t just do Superfast Wireless Broadband.

Our experience deploying WiFi networks can also be applied to enhancing and extending your enterprise or home network. We offer a full wireless network design, planning and implementation service to help you to maximize your connectivity throughout your property.

Our staff are manufacturer accredited so you can be safe in the knowledge we will deploy you a stable, fast and suitable network.

To learn more please call us on 01773-570123 or email sales@w3z.co.uk

Microsoft Release big updates January 2018

Microsoft have been very active recently writing updates for all of their supported operating systems. Through Windows updates though the latest operating system will happily download over 5.5GB of data updating itself and ensuring that your computer is secured. Whilst we would never advise people not to do critical security updates, it could cause a few questions to be raised over “Why is my data usage higher this month?”.

The following link will take you to the Microsoft update catalog which documents each update for January and it’s size https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=2018-01