Our Prices

At W3Z we are committed to putting our customers at the centre of all we do. We know that a person’s internet usage may change from time to time so we have incorporated a unique feature to our pricing structure. All our tariffs are flexible allowing our customers to increase or reduce their internet usage at anytime.

All of our SuperFast services are 20Mbps download by 1Mbps upload. 5Mbps Unlimited Lite and 10Mbps Unlimited Standard services each have 0.5Mbps upload. Prices are inclusive of VAT.

We supply and install a small external antenna integrated with a client adapter and configure your system to access the W3Z network. Typically, installation takes less than 2 hours and costs are based on your initial selected contract term.

Download / Upload Allowance
Monthly Tariff
(inc. VAT)
20Mbps Superfast 6GB £20.99
20Mbps Superfast 10GB £21.99
20Mbps Superfast 20GB £25.99
5Mbps Unlimited Lite £27.99
20Mbps Superfast 30GB £30.99
20Mbps Superfast 50GB £35.99
10Mbps Unlimited Standard £39.99
20Mbps Superfast 75GB £42.49
20Mbps Superfast 100GB £48.49
20Mbps Superfast 150GB £60.99
20Mbps Superfast 200GB £73.49
20Mbps Superfast 250GB £85.99
20Mbps Superfast 300GB £98.49
20Mbps Superfast 600GB £173.49
20Mbps Superfast 900GB £248.49
Contract Period
(inc. VAT)
12 Month Contract £85.00
24 Month Contract £85.00
36 Month Contract FREE!
Additional Items
(inc. VAT)
Wireless Router (Fully Supported*) £99.00
Additional Wireless Access Point from £99.00 (call for details)
Single Static IP addresses and routed blocks from £4.00 pcm

Please note that these prices may be subject to change. Notice of any changes will be displayed on this website 45 days prior to implementation. E&OE.

The unlimited packages are subject to a fair-use policy and not available for business customers.

Superfast packages highlighted in bold slow down to 2Mbps once your chosen data package limit is reached.

The support for our wireless routers applies whilst you are in contract with us, you may renew your contract at any time to further extend this.


Wireless Symmetric Leased Lines

We offer a range of competitively priced, highly reliable and unrestricted wireless leased line services.

The cost associated with the delivery of W3Z business wireless leased lines is in most cases substantially less than other fibre or cable service providers, especially where ground work and cable laying would be required to bring more traditional services to the premises. W3Z do not require any groundwork to deliver their ‘over-the-air’ leased line service – because of this, connection is usually within 5 weeks of order :

Bandwidth (Unrestricted)
Monthly Tariff
Symmetric 5Mbps Contact us for details
Symmetric 10Mbps Contact us for details
Symmetric 25Mbps Contact us for details
Symmetric 50Mbps Contact us for details
Symmetric 100Mbps Contact us for details
All leased lines are symmetric and unrestricted. Prices are for delivery to the customer end of a customer owned link, contact W3Z for link purchase and hire plans.