James Mckay – Tansley

Dear W3Z staff,

A rather belated “THANK YOU” to your company and workforce for getting me free from BT Business – officially the worst company in the world!

Your staff attended when they were due, carried out their duties proficiently and without disturbing my business, and the service is spectacular!

We now have a fast broadband service which works and costs a mere fraction of what BT were charging for 1/10 of the speed that you are providing.  In addition, BT engineers failed to turn up on 23 of the 28 occasions on which they were due here, causing HUGE problems and costs for my company.

I have contacted  BBC TV, who did the piece on my problems with BT – informing them that you guys have now given me a service which is truly 21st Century, in comparison to the 19th Century service which BT (almost!) provided.