Thunderbird Settings

On this page we will show you a few simple steps to getting the most out of Mozilla Thunderbird, this will be especially useful if you previously used Microsoft Outlook Express. Don’t worry, the steps outlined below aren’t technical and will only take up a few moments of your time.

Firstly, select’Account Settings’ from the Tools menu…Thunderbird Settings

From the ‘Composition & Addressing’ sub-heading of your account change the first drop-down box to ‘Start my reply above the quote’…Thunderbird Settings

Next, in the ‘Junk Settings’ sub-heading, place a tick in the boxes for ‘Trust junk mail headers set by’ and ‘Move new junk messages to:’ and then click ‘OK’…Thunderbird Settings

From the ‘Tools’ menu select ‘Options…’Thunderbird Settings

Under the ‘Security’ header place a tick in the ‘When I mark my messages as junk:’ box. Click ‘OK’ and you’re all set to go.Thunderbird Settings