For webmail – follow this link and enter username and password in the boxes provided. If you intend to use the webmail facility, please remember to add the webmail access page to your favourites.

Our Wireless Broadband service includes three free email addresses which can be setup (once you’ve told us what addresses you would like) by following the instructions below. You may also wish to retain your existing email addresses and instructions on how to do this are shown on our FAQ page.

Setting up email clients

Lost or Forgotten Passwords

If you have forgotten your Subscriber name and password, W3Z email account details or Router encryption code you can call us on 01773 570123 during normal office hours. On security grounds we will not supply these by email. You can view the email account we originally provided, if you know your subscriber username and password. You can log in via the Subscriber Login page and view your details there.

Problems Viewing This Page?

If you are struggling to view this page correctly then you should visit our Download Page and install our Browser Upgrade Package. After installation try using Mozilla Firefox to view this and any other web pages you visit in the future.