Derby Cathedral Live

Derby Cathedral with 4 W3Z Access PointsVonage ( IP telephone service works brilliantly over W3Z Superfast Broadband and you get all your calls to standard UK land-lines for £5 a month but you can save the cost of your BT land-line as you have that taken out and have your BT number ported to Vonage. Friends and contacts don’t know any different and you save a fortune.

W3Z Superfast Broadband is now serving over 30 businesses on Pride Park in Derby thanks to assistance from Derby County FC. The Rams have teamed up with Zycomm to house their W3Z Superfast Wireless Broadband Access Points on the iPro Stadium.

Derby Cathedral’s Peregrine Falcons have fledged at the end of June. On July 1st W3Z Superfast Wireless Broadband switched on their service to the Cathedral Quarter and City Centre of Derby using the Cathedral Tower. Derby Cathedral is embracing this relationship with Zycomm, to raise its local businesses and community profile and with this joint cooperation it can offer to help improve local business wellbeing and to interface in a diverse but meaningful manner with the local community.

Spot the W3Z Access PointWith the aid of Shirley Church Zycomm’s W3Z Superfast Wireless Broadband is now providing Superfast Broadband from the Church Tower to the village of Shirley and Rodsley near Ashbourne.

The famous and historical Plague Village of Eyam in North Derbyshire is now getting the W3Z Superfast Broadband service from its first W3Z Access Point switched on in mid June 2014 at the southern end of the village. The entire village will be covered before the end of July well ahead of the first schedule.

Foolow in North Derbyshire will shortly receive W3Z superfast Broadband from an Access Point on a local hillside overlooking the famous Foolow ‘Sink Hole’. Is the signal disappears then you know where to look! Planned Summer 2014.


Tideswell is another Broadband deprived village in Derbyshire that W3Z plan to bring a solution to before the end of summer 2014.

Fenny Bentley in the Derbyshire Dales is now receiving W3Z Superfast Broadband from an Access Point located at Peak Waste near Kniveton.

Zycomm W3Z are planning to introduce their Superfast Broadband into Flagg and Monyash before the end of summer 2014.

W3Z Superfast Broadband in June 2014 switched its service on at Zycomm’s new Ipstones Edge Radio mast in the Staffordshire Moorlands. Anyone who can see Ipstones Edge in Calton, Waterhouses and surrounding villages will now be able to get Superfast W3Z service.

Zycomm is in the final stages of agreeing with STWA to use the Trusley Water Tower in South Derbyshire to use this landmark to provide W3Z Superfast Broadband to the local communities.