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What speeds will I get from the service?

You may have noticed that we do not use the term ‘up to’ when describing our connection speeds, because we don’t use the telephone lines for our connections we don’t suffer the same problems as some other ISPs. Therefore you will get the speeds advertised no matter where on the network you are (20Mbit/s and 1Mbit/s respectively depending upon your location).

I already own a router, can this be used with the service?

This depends on a couple of factors, firstly we cannot use routers that are used to plug into a telephone line (ADSL routers) as our system does not use telephone cabling. Secondly some older routers – whilst compatible with our equipment – are simply not capable of handling the speeds offered by our superfast service.

Can I keep my existing email address?

Yes you can. At installation we will configure the free email addresses for you as well as configuring use of your current email addresses.
Please note; to retain the use of free email addresses provided by other ISP’s you may need to contact them and arrange to pay a small fee.

What equipment do you install?

Typically we fit a small antenna (80mm x 280mm) to your premises usually using your existing television aerial pole, if this isn’t suitable then we will install our own bracket. This antenna is smaller than your TV aerial and will almost certainly point in a different direction as it does not use either TV or mobile phone transmitters for service.
We then run a cable to the room of your choosing, preferably close to your PC. The cable is connected to a small client unit which in turn connects to your PC or router and that’s it. For this we will require a spare mains socket to power the antenna and one for the router if you have chosen to have one as part of the setup.

How can I help to make the installation go as smoothly as possible?

Firstly we would ask that you consider where you would like the connection to come into the house (where you would like the router to be). As previously mentioned, this will require 2 spare mains electricity sockets, one to power the antenna and a further one if you wish to use a router, we would recommend this to be near your computer (or the main piece of equipment requiring an internet connection such as smart TV or games console).

Does the equipment that you install belong to me?

No it remains the property of W3Z Broadband Ltd. You either pay us for the installation of our equipment or agree a contract period to negate these charges and we then agree to maintain it in working condition whilst ever you remain in contract and within terms.

Can I connect more than one PC or Mac to Wireless Broadband?

You can connect as many machines as you wish provided that they are all within the same property and do not constitute separate flats. Remember the service you contract to will be shared amongst the number of PC’s / units connected.

How do I know which tariff is right for me?

Don’t worry, if you have never experienced Superfast Broadband before you have no idea of the benefits it can bring. This is why we have an upgrade/downgrade option.

This means you can switch tariff as often as you need to suit your circumstances (available via Subscriber Login). Upgrades are applied instantly, downgrades are applied from the beginning of the next calendar month.

If you are a light home user we would suggest starting with our 6Gb/month service.
If you’re an online gamer you might want to step up to the 10Gb /month service.
If you are an SME or use online video streaming services regularly then try our 20Bb/month or above services. You can always change your mind if you need more.

Can I use Bit Torrent P2P software with your service?

Yes you can but we would draw your attention to our computer tips section.

Can I run a Virtual Private Network to my employer’s premises?

Yes you can.
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